PC-VIP Fixed-Cost Computer Care

PC-VIP—Fixed Cost Computer Care’s mission is caring for you and your computer support needs. We do it differently, and we do it better—and in a better way.

With PC-VIP, small businesses, growing enterprises, and anyone with special needs can get the type of help they’re really looking for. We provide the best support anywhere, we make you comfortable when you need us, and you don’t need to watch the clock because there are no hourly fees!

How Did PC-VIP Get Here?

Our CEO Jeff Yablon has been in the technology people business for over twenty years. He’s done some amazing things; you can read his bio here.

One day before this stuff was easier Jeff had an “ah-ha moment”.  He was consulting for a world-famous supermodel (yes, really, and no, he won’t hook you up), and realized that her needs relative to computers had nothing—nothing—to do with technology. She traveled a lot, she needed access to her email, and she neither knew nor wished to know anything about the way her least-favorite six-pound piece of luggage operated.

In the real world, people just want their tools to work. Imagine if you needed to know how your television worked to change the channels, or if adding a new channel broke your old ones.

Now, instead, imagine you’re used to being pampered and getting your way.

Now put those things together. That’s where PC-VIP came from.

PC-VIP was in development for almost three years before we made it available to the world. It’s the ultimate solution to the problem that businesses large and small face every day:

How do you get the most out of your computers?

The simple answer is, you don’t. We do it for you, and we do it by taking control of the bad things that can happen to them. And we do THAT through a combination of technology and people management techniques. You and your staff are treated like VIP, because that’s what you are to us. And your computers are treated like  . . . well, like computers.

Your Computers are resources. Your time is precious. You deserve to be a PC-VIP.

We’re committed to providing technical support to small and medium businesses, and doing it in a way that makes sense: Fixed-Cost, Per-Computer Pricing.

This sounds like a simple idea, and through our experience and research we’ve found a way to make it very simple for our clients. We charge a small set-up fee, and then a monthly fee for each computer you operate. When anything goes wrong, we fix it. Period.

We can come to your site, or provide services over the Internet, and this choice and the number of computers we support for you is part of what determines the fees we collect. But the numbers will make your eyes pop. In fact, using PC-VIP we’ve found that you can reduce technology support costs by 25 to 40 percent!

Really, it’s that simple.

Look around. See how we can help. PC-VIP will greatly reduce your technical support expenses, all while treating you with the respect and dignity you deserve.

The PC-VIP Proposition $99 Setup Offer